SUBSTANZ 001 – Das Muster, UHU, Thomas Kress, Bruno Binary

Posted on Jun 7, 2013


“Substanz 001” introduces the first chapter of a much anticipating series of compilations that will see contributions of infamous producers worldwide on Robotmachine Records. The digital pack kicks off with inaugural “Immaterieller Export”, an epic jam from Marcus Mumm aka Das Muster (SolarOne Music, Transient Force) based upon gloomy analogue arpeggios over an hypnotizing rhythm a la Drexcyia. In the prolongation of the opener, Latvia producer Gatis “=UHU=” Pastars (Transient Force, Sauroid) delivers a fantastic ode to Detroit: his “Astral Exit” mixes brilliantly Speak’n’Spell voices to Aux 88 style claps, drums and hi-hats over a nice synth melody.

Following “Utilize Me”, his remarkable debut EP in January, Munich electro mech Thomas Kress returns to Robotmachine Records with “Fabelhafte Welt Der Anomalie”, a well cadenced tune made of harsh 4/4 beats, robotic chorus, funky growling bass lines, evil keyboard programming, and infectious Blade Runnerish retro synth layers. Unleashing the bass like rarely before, final track “Bruno Binary” from the former aesthetics of Dynamik Bass System, Thomas Werner (Robotmachine Records, Debonaire Records, Battle Trax), serves up a Technobass instant classic where frantic pulsing 808 beats combine to familiar Detroit lines while a nasty vocoder scans “Binary Control” over-compressed bass kicks! After four 12″ and five digital installments, high quality Robotmachine Records is looking for a new challenge.

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