Faster Than Light – Controlled Society

Posted on Sep 5, 2011

When the Lord of vocoder meets the King of 808! Ultimate joint venture between Mandroid (Breakin, Fundamental Bass Intelligence) & Dynamik Bass System (Robotmachine Records, Battle Trax, Dominance Electricity), FASTER THAN LIGHT introduces another original musical project on Robotmachine Records!

In this massive four track E.P., “Controlled Society” invites you to an epic voyage through Bass, Space and Time. Bringing you back to the glorious days of old school electro realm, the 12inch seems like a teleport gate to a scary twilight zone where every little piece of machinery is the your thoughts and acts enemy, a kind of totalitarian yet digital Orwell world ruled and controlled by Big Brother.

Synthesized for you by Mandroid and Dynamik Bass System in a collaboration, Robotmachine Records second outing drops a future classic and collector record that freaks will look forward within twenty years time.

Available as digital download and limited colored vinyl!

Robotmachine Records |
Dynamik Bass System |
Cover artwork by Florian Renner |
Thank’s to Chris (Nexus6) for the promo text.


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  1. Robert Kleine Deters
    April 23, 2018

    Hi, can I still buy the vinyl edition somewhere? It’s awesome!


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